Eleni’s team won an award at the Interstellar Initiative!

Team 8, consisting of Carlotta Mummolo, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Teppei Matsui, University of Tokyo, and Eleni, won an Outstanding Team Presentation Award on the last day of the Interstellar Initiative! They presented a proposal they drafted during the 3-day event, titled “Elucidation of aging-driven decline of cognitive and motor behavior through an interdisciplinary approach”. Thanks, teammates! (In the pictures, Eleni and Carlotta are presenting the team’s work, and later they receive the award [left to right: Frank Kirchhoff,  University of Saarland, Germany; Ellis Rubinstein, President & Executive Officer of the New York Academy of Sciences; Toshio Suda, National University of Singapore]. All participants, along with mentors and organizers smile for the family photo). All photos are courtesy of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Thank you, all, organizers and colleagues!