Our group at the 8th Midwest C. elegans meeting!

Today, Friday April 23, the 8th Midwest C. elegans Meeting took place, for the first time virtually, due to covid-19 restrictions. We are grateful to the organizers for an impeccable and fascinating event! 

Our group participated with two presentations:

~ Schiavone Maria*, Zhang Zhaoyuan*, Gourgou Eleni: “Multiple event-based and bipedalism-inspired analysis of C. elegans locomotion”. *: authors with equal contributions.

~ Fretz Abrielle*, LaMonica Allison*, Goettemoeller Anne, Chen Chieh, Hsu Ao-Lin, Gourgou Eleni: “Aging-related genetic interventions in C. elegans maze learning”. *: authors with equal contributions.

Maria, Zhaoyuan, Brie, and Allison, did a great job presenting their findings. We are all very proud of them!

You can find the schedule, including the abstracts, here.