A video on the LuCelegans installation

Check out this video for a summary of the progress achieved so far on the LuCelegans interactive installation. More updates to follow, so stay tuned!

Thank you, Haley, for editing; thank you Haley, Sara, and Christina, for shooting the video, and thanks Haley, Sara, Christina, Andres, and Sean, for participating!

We thank ArtsEngine (Deb Mexicotte, John Granzow, Amy Tackitt, Greg Wakefield), and Linda Knox and Tom Bray (Duderstadt Center)!

We are grateful to all prior students: Richard Wall, Ray Yang, Taylor Gilbert, Millie Hernandez, Alex Reynolds, Indigo Knecht, Jaehong Min, Fee Cristoph, Manali Desai, Jiwen Chen, Amanda Taylor, and Melinda Li.