Eleni and students are presenting their work at the 22nd International Worm Meeting!

Eleni, Steel and Shurjo will present four posters at the 22nd International C. elegans meeting in LA, 20-24 June. Eleni will present Bennet’s poster, as well. All presentations are scheduled for the Neurobiology-Behavior poster session, on Saturday, June 22.

Eleni’s poster #765B reports the latest results on C. elegans spatial learning in mazes

Bennet’s poster #744B summarizes his work on mathematical models that capture worm’s neuronal circuits function before and after training in T-mazes

Shurjo’s poster #717B shows how we use computer vision to decipher worms’ locomotion in T-mazes

Steel’s poster # 693B focuses on how he is 3D-printing NGM behavioral arenas for C. elegans

Here you can read all the abstracts.

Looking forward to the event!